‘Emmanuel’ Intimately Acquaints Readers with Jesus

FIRST15, which offers daily, online and printed 15-minute devotionals that are easy to understand and relatable to everyday life, announces a new book – Emmanuel. Perfect reading for the Christmas season, Emmanuel features 29 days of devotionals to help participants create a deeper understanding of and more intimate relationship with Jesus.

With each Scriptural meditation during this holiday season, you can:
• Listen to Jesus’ prayer for you.

• Awaken your heart to God’s love.

• Open your heart to the living God and

• Feel the deep desire of God for intimacy with you.
Emmanuel is available now, learn more at FIRST15.org.

“Isaiah prophesies about the birth of Christ saying, ‘Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel,'” said FIRST15 CEO Craig Denison. “Emmanuel means, ‘God with us.’ How amazing is it that the King of heaven and earth wants to be called ‘God with us’ and that our creator would want to be known as one who would write himself into the story of his creation in such a way as to be tangibly, truly present.”

Each devotional connects readers with a different aspect of God’s character and his ability to positively impact our lives. Just a few devotional titles include:
• The Authority of King Jesus
• Unity in our God
• King of Kings
• The Humble King
• Hope in God’s Nearness

Daily, 1.5 million readers discover God more deeply through FIRST15 devotionals. Craig Denison also serves as CEO of Denison Ministries, whose brands include Denison Forum, First15 and Christian Parenting.

(SOURCE: FIRST15 via Christian Newswire)

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