Church of God Reaching Out in Prayer and Relief

Cleveland, TN—As Hurricane Zeta made landfall overnight in Louisiana, Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, issued a call for prayer, while Church of God agencies prepared for yet another incursion of relief into the Gulf region.

“The people of Louisiana greatly need our prayers again tonight,” Hill said in a release on Wednesday night over social media. “In a period of two months, the state has been hit by three hurricanes with the arrival of Hurricane Zeta today.”

Hill went on to say the hurricane is expected to produce large amounts of rain and dangerous tornadoes across Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and other parts of the country. “Prayers are greatly needed for the entire Gulf Coast area,” he said.

Church of God state and regional overseers in the affected areas took to social media to offer their own appeals for prayer and relief. Melvin Shuler, who serves as state overseer of Mississippi posted on Facebook saying, “Please pray for our Mississippi Church of God family in the Gulf Coast are! Also, those in neighboring states.” State overseer of Alabama, Terry Hart, also posted on Facebook: “Ora and I are praying for the wonderful people that comprise the Church of God in Alabama as Zeta is rapidly crossing our state tonight and in the morning. We are asking Almighty God to place a covering of His protection: (1) over each local church facility and the families who attend there; (2) over every Alabama minister and their family; (3) over every retired minister and their spouse; (4) over the widows of ministers. If there is damage occurred to a local church facility or parsonage, please contact the state office as soon as possible. We love you and will be praying for you!”

Hill also announced that, “Although our disaster response teams have been stretched thin over this hurricane season, I have been assured that our teams are ready to respond to the damage caused by Hurricane Zeta.”

Led by Operation Compassion, Men & Women of Action, and God’s Pit Crew, as well as a host of other disaster relief teams, “the men and women of the Church of God will be there to provide assistance as soon as it is safe to get into the hard hit areas.”

Financial donations to the Church of God disaster relief efforts are welcomed and can be given through a secure online portal. To access the giving portal, please click here.

“Most importantly, your prayers are needed for our friends, family, and fellow believers that are being impacted by this storm,” Hill concluded.

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