Recent Attacks Reflect State of Christian Political Engagement

In a series of baseless online attacks by partisan activists, participants in the First Principles Project ( have been unfairly targeted for their nonpartisan call to reground the evangelical Church’s approach to political life.

“This is but one of thousands of examples of the tragic state of Christian civic engagement,” said American Awakening Founder John Kingston. “When the pressure to hijack Christian witness for political gain so overwhelms leaders of our faith — to the point so many back away from speaking truth in the public square — we see the depths of the problem. We must act now to reverse this long and troubling trend.”

First Principles Project was launched as a partnership of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), Christianity Today (CT) and American Awakening, and is a nonpartisan initiative to reground the Christian voice in the public square.

“As a partnership of Christians — across racial, ethnic, gender, cultural, political and generational lines — calling believers to their fundamental responsibilities as ‘Citizens of the Kingdom, the Country, and their Communities,’ it should be clear to any reasonable observer there is no partisan objective,” Kingston added.

About First Principles Project
The First Principles Project provides in one convenient location the best teaching on Christian civic engagement in both video and transcript form. Pastoral and thought leaders with the First Principles Project also curated easy-to-use original videos, transcripts, outlines and discussion materials based on the best historic and contemporary thinking to encourage a biblical approach:

• First, as citizens in the Kingdom of God — with Jesus as our King and God’s way as our charter;

• Second, participating as citizens of our country, engaging in our civic duties in a spirit of service; and

• Third, serving our communities, loving our neighbors as Jesus commanded.

About American Awakening
American Awakening ( is an ambitious multi-platform effort that embodies a campaign for the soul of America in an effort to slay the giants of death and despair in this American moment.

About the National Association of Evangelicals
The National Association of Evangelicals ( includes more than 45,000 churches from 40 denominations and serves a constituency of millions.

About Christianity Today
Christianity Today ( is regarded worldwide as the leading evangelical publication for news and opinion. Trusted for its thoughtful and civil presentation of ideas and analysis, Christianity Today reaches more than 4.5 million Christian leaders monthly through its printed pages,, and a wide array of other print and digital resources that engage, encourage and equip the Church worldwide.

(SOURCE: First Principles Project via Christian Newswire)

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