Church of God Website Receives Upgrade

An update of the Church of God’s primary website,, was released this week.

While no new features were necessarily added, the site is cleaner and more user-friendly. Several features of the site continue to be analyzed to determine their viability and how they can best serve visitors seeking information. is the oldest and one of several online venues for the Church of God. Its primary function is to be a one-stop website for everything about the denomination, including its history, beliefs, and leadership. There are links to all departments and ministries of the International Offices, as well as to state/regional websites. Several ministries offer online resources pertinent to the local church, such as legal documents, and downloadable items, including versions of the Church of God logo to include in publications and media. There is a link to the church’s news service, Faith News, its radio program Forward in Faith, and official publications like the Evangel and Engage.

One of the more popular aspects of the site is the Church Locator, which features the option to search for local churches across the United States. Churches can be found through searching by city, zip code, church name, or even by pastor’s name. In the initial re-launch of the site, the Locator was not yet available pending some ongoing tweaks, but will likely return this weekend.

Another popular service is the ability for churches to post openings within their staffs. The Ministry Opportunities link shows the latest openings for aspiring worship leaders, children’s ministers, associate pastors, and others seeking to find their calling.

Perhaps the most valuable section of the site is the ABOUT tab that assists anyone with questions concerning the Church of God. Under its three components – History, Beliefs, and Leadership – the tab covers virtually any basic inquiry concerning the denomination’s doctrine, including the Declaration of Faith, Practical Commitments, bylaws, and past resolutions on more than two dozen topics. The Beliefs tab also includes the latest submissions by the Doctrine and Polity Committee, a group of scholars who regularly dig deeper into the core values, beliefs and mission statements of the Church of God.

“Most folks who keep up with the Church of God on a regular basis rely on our social media outlets and/or Faith News,” stated Cameron Fisher, coordinator of communications and internet ministries for the Church of God. “But if someone is trying to recall our mission and vision, core values, or other standing documents, is the place to go, along with a myriad of other items. You may not visit the site every day, but it’s got what you need when these kinds of questions are asked.”

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