Cimpean Appointed Administrative Bishop of Romanian Territory

Rev. Florin Cimpean was recently appointed by the International Executive Committee of the Church of God to serve as Administrative Bishop/Overseer for the Church of God in the Romanian Territory (RTO) of the United States.

Cimpean is pastor of the Chicago-Philadelphia Church of God in Chicago, where he will continue to serve along with the new appointment. He has also served as district overseer, has been an evangelist, and regional world missions director for the RTO. Cimpean’s appointment became effective earlier this summer

The Romanian Territory Office serves the nearly three dozen congregations that minister to Romanian-speaking cultures across the United States and Canada. The office operates similarly to the numerous regional offices that minister to the Hispanic-speaking population in the United States and Canada. The leadership of the RTO is filled by pastors and church leaders from the states of California, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, and Illinois.

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