Lee University Invites High School Students for Online Dual Enrollment

Several online classes at Lee University are now available for dual enrollment students. LeeU has expanded its online course selection not only for currently enrolled students, but also for high school students who may be graduating soon. The Enrollment Management Office at Lee is prepared to assist any dual enrollment students interested in the following online courses:

– ENGL-110 Rhetoric & Research, 3 credit hours
– ENGL-221 Western Literature, 3 credit hours
– ENGL-222 Western Literature, 3 credit hours
– HUMN-201 Foundations of Western Culture, 3 credit hours
– MTHS-135 Introduction to Statistics, 3 credit hours
– GSCI-122 Earth and Space Science (Lab), 3 credit hours

For more information about the Lee Online Dual Enrollment program, contact Ashley Wilson in the Admissions Office by phone at (423) 614-8509 or by email at [email protected]

(Source: Lee University DAL)

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