Division of Education Conducts Video Conference

Cleveland, TN–The Church of God Division of Education met with more than 50 Calling and Ministry Studies (CAMS) and Ministerial Internship Program (MIP) coordinators recently through a video conference to explain the new platform that the division is building for advanced ministerial training and dashboard website for its many ministries.

Dr. David Ramírez, Executive Committee liaison to the Division of Education, and Dr. Michael Reynolds, Director of the Ministerial Development/School of Ministry, gave the explanation. Ramírez pointed out that partly because of COVID-19, new ways for ministry and ministerial training must be developed and the Division of Education hoped to provide the denomination with both through the new platform.

Reynolds went into detail first by describing the dashboard, which will include all ministries of the Division of Education in one website so those who participate will go to one location. The ministries include Mobilize, Hispanic Bible Institutes, Calling and Ministry Studies, and the Ministerial Internship Program.

Reynolds then described the training and educational opportunities that will be available in the future. Opportunities include enrichment courses, premium training, and active learning. These will provide courses covering a wide range of topics that will bring up-to-date information and practices for ministry in the 21st century. There will be courses on such topics as growing in leadership, managing church finances, handling legal issues, and building healthy churches, to name a few.

The format is designed so that participants can quickly and easily obtain knowledge that will help them become effective in ministering to today’s world. The format is also planned to build an ongoing curriculum and courses, as well as update curriculum quickly as needed.

Ramírez and Reynolds intend to launch the platform in early 2021.

(Source: Church of God Division of Education)

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