#wepraycog Campaign Approaching 40th Week

Last fall General Overseer Tim Hill announced a 40 week prayer campaign entitled #wepraycog. It called upon the Church of God to recruit 5,000 local churches and up to 1.5 million individual partners to mobilize for prayer.

Led by co-chairs pastors Niko Njotorahardjo (global) and Loran Livingston (U.S.), as well as Church of God Prayer Coordinator Doug Small and General Overseer Hill, #wepraycog is now in its 39th week. Every week since mid-October 2019, weekly prayer guides have been posted.

The main purpose of #wepraycog was to focus on the most important activity we can engage in as believers: prayer. Along the way the initiative incorporated several highlights, most notably the three-day Agree ’20 event in January and 40 days of fasting and prayer between Easter and Pentecost Sunday. The original goal was for the 40 weeks to culminate on the final day of the 2020 International General Assembly, following continuous, non-stop prayer during the Assembly.

The Assembly was set to take place next week, July 21-24, in Indianapolis, Indiana, but was postponed earlier this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Although we will not experience the final event of #wepraycog, it does not lessen the impact that this has had on the thousands of participants around the world who joined with us,” Hill stated. “Obviously, the global onset of Covid-19 derailed many well-intentioned plans and events, but at the same time, it has dramatically increased our focus on the importance of prayer…the original goal of #wepraycog in the first place.”

Hill noted that cancellation of the final prayer focus at the Assembly was basically the only alteration to the original set of goals of #wepraycog. In addition, Covid-19 added prayer events along the way, including “Hope for Tomorrow” (March 22), “Rise Again” on Easter Sunday, and most recently a global call to prayer this past Sunday. The events took place on “Facebook Live,” allowing hundreds of thousands to participate.

“While we may be reaching the completion of 40 weeks of this initiative, it is by no means a time to cease prayer for the Church of God,” Hill stated. “We need it now more than ever as we continue to navigate through this pandemic, resulting economic fallout and other cultural issues. May we keep our eyes set on Christ and the FINISH Commitment.”

To learn more, visit wepraycog.com.

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