Group Offers Powerful Skills for Spiritual Leaders

A Christian leader for nearly fifty years, Pastor Wes Daughenbaugh presents a wealth of wisdom for spiritual leaders. Good and Faithful Servant is for Christian leaders who desire to see a healthy change in the leadership within their churches.

In biblical times, the prophet Elisha declared a spiritual dearth in the land, and in today’s era, modern thinking has infiltrated the spiritual fibers of the church, creating an alarming lack of effective godly leadership.

Pastor Wes says, “True spiritual leaders are actually great followers who seek to always be led by the Church’s real leader, the Holy Spirit.” But this truth has not always been adequately represented in our churches across the nation.

Readers will learn ways to love God and family, the importance of spiritual warnings for positive motivation, seven Holy Spirit virtues for dynamic influence, and more. Included are sixty visual illustrations for spiritual truths so that church leaders can return to a vibrant and holistic approach to leadership and invite the Holy Spirit back into the church.

Designed for pastors and spiritual leaders who want to cultivate strong, godly leadership in their churches, Good and Faithful Servant is a comprehensive, timely resource–for the sake of healthy, Holy Spirit-led churches across the world.

Wes Daughenbaugh has served forty-six years in ministry as associate pastor, lead pastor, and traveling teacher-evangelist, preaching in fifty US states and several foreign countries. Learn more at

(SOURCE: Redemption Press via Christian Newswire)

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