Pentecostal Pastor, ‘The Voice’ Winner Todd Tilghman Announces Live Shows, Upcoming Music Release

Pentecostal pastor Todd Tilghman, 2020 winner of TV’s The Voice, recently announced via Facebook Live that tickets are now on sale for a series of live shows at The Theater of the Stars (formerly known as the Memories Theater) in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night “at least for the month of July,” he says.

“I’ll be singing a lot of my favorite songs, a lot of songs that you guys love from my time on The Voice as well as just a lot of favorites of my own, and then songs that are important to me, and songs that move me and songs that are fun to me,” Tilghman says in the Facebook Live post. And the shows will include more than music.

“I feel blessed in that I am able, thankfully, to the people who are producing this show … I like to have fun, I like to sing songs I love,” he says. “I’m also a man of faith; I like to share my faith. I like to talk about my testimony and the things that God has done in my life and how good He is. And I’m going to be afforded all of those things.”

In announcing the live shows, Tilghman urged fans to “chill out” about their questions related to COVID-19: “Don’t worry. We have plans in place, and we have ideas” to keep fans safe.

He says the venue will take care of adherence to both state and local guidelines for requirements related to the coronavirus.

Tilghman also responded to the many inquiries he says he has had about a future music release, promising, “One way or the other, an album will come. At least an EP will come very soon, as soon as we can possibly get it done.”

(Source: Charisma News)

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