Empowered21 Global Council Announces Prayer Initiative and Upcoming Evangelist Event

Tulsa, OK – Empowered21 (E21), a worldwide relational network of leaders across the Spirit-empowered Church, hosted its annual Global Council virtually on Monday, June 1, 2020, in conjunction with the launch this week of the larger E21 Global Congress Online. This was the largest Global Council meeting to date and included 61 council members from 26 countries.

The council discussed significant plans for the future including a new Empowered21 Prayer Commission, a relational network connecting Spirit-empowered prayer leaders in partnership to pray for every person on earth by 2033, by name where possible. The E21 Prayer Commission will be coordinated by Pastor Brian Alarid, President of World Prays, an organization uniting pastors and churches in prayer around the world. “To reach every person, we need to pray for every person,” said E21 Global Co-chair, Dr. Billy Wilson.

The council also announced plans for a Global Evangelist Conference to be held in Amsterdam in 2023 to facilitate the fulfillment of the Empowered21 vision “that every person on earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit by Pentecost…2033.”

The Global Council meeting was held alongside the first day of the E21 Global Congress Online, a virtual event featuring over 70 world-renowned Spirit-empowered leaders that continues through June 10, 2020.

The Global Congress was originally scheduled to take place in Jerusalem but was moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 57,000 people representing 180 nations have registered to participate.

The E21 event began with a special Pentecost celebration on Sunday, May 31. Pentecost Around the World, hosted by Global Co-Chairs Dr. William M. Wilson and Dr. George Wood, included speakers from North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Israel. “Pentecost is all about reaching this world for Jesus Christ…we are looking for a refreshing and revitalizing Pentecost and spiritual empowerment in this day and age that we might reach the 2 billion people on this planet that have not yet had an opportunity to respond to Jesus Christ,” said Dr. Wood.

During the two-hour program, many of these leaders spoke about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their churches and ministries and how they’ve not only been able to help their communities with food and financial support, but have also seen a tremendous increase in people seeking God through online ministry.

As part of the Pentecost Sunday celebration, speakers also discussed what they see the Holy Spirit accomplishing around the world and the importance of seeing the Holy Spirit as a person who wants to fill you and make you effective.
“The Holy Spirit doesn’t make you weird but wired,” said Sammy Rodriguez. He went on to say that all people need to permit the Holy Spirit to be their best friend.

Wilson reminded those watching that the Holy Spirit is for every people group, every language group, and every person on this planet. In a message based on one of E21’s theme scriptures, Habakkuk 2:14, Wilson pointed out that the prophet was speaking at a very unusual time in the history of the nation of Judah as it faced judgment and calamity. Habakkuk saw that God would use this moment to spread the knowledge of His glory. In Habakkuk 3, the prophet also mentions a plague that would go before God; following that disaster, God would then march through the earth with His glory and pour out his Spirit on all flesh. Wilson pointed out the similarities to COVID-19.
“I believe the COVID-19 pandemic is preparing the way for a global revival like we have never seen in any generation,” said Wilson. “It’s a global event preparing people for a fresh global move of the Holy Spirit until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord fills the earth as the waters cover the sea and there are no dry places.”

There is still time to register for the E21 Global Congress by visiting Empowered21.com. Registration is free.

(Source: Empowered21)

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