Viewers Cite Comedian’s Livestream as Hope Amidst Pandemic

Corona, Calif.–Award-winning Comedian Nazareth is livestreaming a community-centered weeknight comedy show that has viewers saying it’s the reason they are staying alive and hopeful during the coronavirus pandemic. “Live with Naz — Quarantining in Corona,” a 60-minute Facebook Live stream, begins at 8:30 p.m. PST Monday through Friday and attracts viewers from all over the world, including Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Canada, Jordan, Dubai, and the U.S.

In “Live with Naz — Quarantining in Corona,” the audience becomes the comedian. Nazareth begins the show with few jokes of his own, then asks the audience a question or prompts them to finish a statement, such as: “You know the pandemic has gone too long when …” The audience will comment back with their funny answers, such as, “When babies are born with face masks.” For the last 10 minutes of each show, Nazareth asks the audience for prayer requests and closes with an encouragement.

The audience has grown to consider themselves a family. Many viewers take it upon themselves to welcome the new people, encourage them, and even pray for them. Here’s what the audience has to say about “Live with Naz — Quarantining in Corona”:

“I have overwhelming depression and attempted suicide 3 times, I wanted to say thank you for doing this show.” — C.L. from Ontario, Canada

“Thank you for creating the show Nazareth, sometimes I am in pain, and this show keeps my mind away from the pain!” — V.P. from Florida

“I will be watching Nazareth at 8:30 PM. You will feel better and anxiety is a lot more down. Laughter is a great med to have.” — A.A. from California

Nazareth explains, “I have something called comedy that can bring relief to anxious people. Why hold back? Although all my shows for the summer were cancelled, I believe that I can still bring laughter and encouragement to people online and be able to meet their physical needs.”

“Live with Naz – Quarantining in Corona” is on Facebook Live weeknights at 8:30 p.m. PST at

About Comedian Nazareth: Comedian Nazareth, originally from the Holy Land and living in Southern California for the last 34 years, has been seen by over 40 million people around the world through live shows, TV, and radio broadcasts. His performances have been on Comedy Central, ABC Family, NBC, and CBS.

(SOURCE: Laughter for All via Christian Newswire)

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