Hill to Host Online Pentecost Sunday Event

Cleveland, TN—Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill will host a Pentecost Sunday celebration event, on Facebook Live, starting at 7:00 pm EST this Sunday, May 31, 2020.

Entitled “Pentecost…for Every Generation” the virtual event will originate from the Leadership and Communications Center at the International Offices. Hill will be joined in the studio by Danny Murray who will lead praise and worship segments between a number of special guest speakers across all generations who will deliver 3-5-minute messages of hope and inspiration.

Among the scheduled guests are Joe Dobbins, Jose Frebus, Rhonda Holland, Bill Lee, Eric Petree, and Roy L. Tucker. There will also be a special “Voices of Heritage” flashback of Dr. Ray H. Hughes, as well as each member of the International Executive Committee: Hill, Raymond F. Culpepper, J. David Stephens, David E. Ramirez and John D. Childers.

Marcus Lamb, founder of the Daystar Television Network, will also deliver a special message via video.

“Although recognized by many denominations, Pentecost Sunday means something more to the Spirit-filled believer,” Tim Hill stated. “We cherish the significance of the Pentecostal outpouring described in Acts 2 and how it is fundamental to our faith. I look forward to celebrating that outpouring with thousands around the world this Sunday!”

To join “Pentecost…for Every Generation,” log on to Facebook.com/COGHQ.

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