The New Jesus Revolution has Begun and it’s Being Filmed

America has had four religious revivals in its history. The last one being “The Jesus Revolution of 1970’s.”

With the release of Kanye West’s album “Jesus is King,” Justin Bieber, Tim Tebow and others, a ground swell of new believers are signaling a new movement. It is becoming apparent that the world is witnessing another Jesus Revolution.

A team of extraordinary individuals have joined together to produce a documentary film about the 1970’s Revolution and the New Jesus Movement. “The Jesus Revolution V2.” Leading experts, scholars, producers and eye-witnesses are coming together to tell the story of the 70’s and the Jesus Revolution of today. It will cover the movement in America, England, Europe, and Australia. Production will take place in the U.S., UK and other countries.

With over 50 years of experience in the film industry and the top four historians on the Jesus Revolution, this is the best team ever assembled to tell the story. Perhaps you would like to “join the team.” Apply on the website

(SOURCE: Jesus Revolution V2 via Christian Newswire)

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