Controversial Novel Rocks Church World

Canaan Land, a controversial new novel by Richard Rossi, has rocked the church world with its expose of fraudulent healing techniques by televangelists who take advantage of followers in times of world crisis. “The novel’s impact is also driven by its predictions of what is happening now with corona,” Philip Levin, religion analyst said.

“Ministers today are really scared during the Corona outbreak. Here is why: More people today are looking (for answers) to politicians or science. Church income is down and that is scaring a lot of church leaders. Some of them are saying to those who are working at home: ‘Since you’re saving money by not having to drive to work or buy lunches, we want you to send those savings to us.’

“Then there are those who are more brazen and have no shame. They are saying ‘This is the end. Jesus will be here in a matter of weeks” who know they can say or do anything, and they know their supporters are still going to back them.” So said Wesley White on his live streaming broadcast Start Our Sabbath.

Years before the Corona outbreak, filmmaker Richard Rossi began his Canaan Land project which addressed such issues as ministers “fleecing the flock.” Most recently, his novel Canaan Land has now become available on, with a feature film version, directed by and starring Rossi, to be released later this year. The “Canaan Land” novel tells the story of a con man preacher, abused by another preacher as a boy, who falls for a sincere Christian woman and realizes his con game isn’t a game anymore.

Both the book and the film are, in part, a reflection on Rossi’s own spiritual journey as a former “faith healer” and the bitter lessons he learned. His new life ministry is geared towards the spiritual renewal and creative expression of others.

Renaissance man Richard Rossi is an American filmmaker, actor, writer, radio host, and maverick minister. His previous books include Stick Man and Sister Aimee.

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(SOURCE: Aldee and Associates via Christian Newswire)

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