Bible Study Media Gives Away Hope, New Life in a Time of Need

Bible Study Media (BSM), a Christian curriculum publishing ministry and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, announced today it will offer content from one of their recently launched books to the public at no cost through their new online community platform.

“We are living in unique and unprecedented times. However, the reason for what we do hasn’t changed,” said BSM President, The Rev. Charlie Holt. “It is our desire that hearts would be ignited and minds would be engaged in the Scriptures, both in the context of one’s own community of faith and with the global Church at large during this time. In response to the hardships brought on by this global pandemic, we want to offer our content for free.”

Beginning, Sunday, April 19, the newly launched book, A Living Hope: A Study of 1 Peter, will be available on BSM’s new online community free of charge. The Easter Bible study, authored by emerging Christian speaker and author Sarah Viggiano Wright, currently ranks number one on Amazon’s list of Anglican Christian new releases.

While you can still purchase the entire A Living Hope series, the author said that offering the Bible course for free through an online community platform is her way of serving during a time when so many are searching for hope, meaning, and connection.

“I think a lot of us are asking ourselves, How can I find hope today? Where can I go to soften the blows of the hardships from today? Or how can I simply get through the day?” said Wright. “My prayer is that through this study of 1 Peter, believers will become utterly convinced that Jesus is the only sure, true, incorruptible, and permanent hope. His is the only promise you can cling to that guarantees a brighter future will come.”

By visiting, users will be asked to provide sign-up details to become a member. Once members enter the community landing page they will have immediate access to the six-week Bible course which includes: daily devotionals, teaching videos, questions for online group discussions, memory verses, and opportunities to participate in video conferencing events with the author. Members have the option to take the Bible study as a self-study, with a small group, or with their church.

In addition to A Living Hope: A Study of 1 Peter, BSM is offering at no cost within the same community network another Easter-season Bible study called The Resurrected Life: Making All Things New, written by BSM president The Rev. Charlie Holt. In the coming weeks, BSM will offer the two other studies in their signature Christian Life Trilogy Bible study curriculum at no charge, which include The Crucified Life and The Spirit-filled Life, also authored by Holt.

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