Pastor Runs for Governor in Vermont

The term “radical” applies to the ambitious candidacy of John Klar in the Green Mountain State. Klar is a conservative pastor challenging the secular status quo in the most anti-Christian state in America. His adversary is incumbent Governor Phil Scott, who rankled many in 2019 when he proudly signed the most pro-abortion law ever passed in our nation.

Klar, a grass-fed sheep farmer and former tax attorney, is even more radical in his policy proposals. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Vermont’s dairy farmers are dumping milk, and out-of-state sales of artisan cheeses have evaporated. Klar has advanced a robust plan to nurture farms and food producers — paid for by cutting the bloated bureaucratic regulations and spending spree of Vermont’s supermajority of super-progressives.

Vermont’s legislature was ramming a host of “global warrior” tax increases and stifling regulatory constraints down the struggling voters’ throats when the COVID-19 virus interrupted their scheme. Now, instead of taxing gasoline to subsidize solar panels and electric vehicles manufactured abroad, Vermont’s government is in fiscal freefall. With alarmingly underfunded state pensions, Vermont also boasts the second-highest school expenses, fourth-highest healthcare costs, and fourth-highest welfare benefits in the nation.

With 37 contributions to American Thinker in the past year, farmer-lawyer Klar has also written for Liberty Nation, WND, and LifeSiteNews. He has long been an economic Jeremiah, warning repeatedly of Vermont’s inevitable fiscal implosion.

Klar describes his economic prescription in biblical terms: “It is axiomatic that exotic spending for fantastical utopian fantasies — however well-intentioned — is unsustainable. This applies to the duplicity Vermont has employed to promise the sky and the moon to teachers and state-workers while chronically avoiding appropriate funding for state pensions. Every accounting gimmick available has been employed to strain this state’s budget — no room remains for further book-cooking shenanigans. They have tempted God, and will now likely blame the pandemic as an ‘Act of God’ they could not have foreseen. Their silly jig is up.”

Klar today released his comprehensive “2020 Vermont Farming Manifesto,” which proposes creative tax credits of up to $25,000 annually for food producers (including maple syrup!). He has labeled the Vermont bureaucracy a “bloated tick that needs popping.” In the current climate, he is preaching to the taxpayer choir. Visit for details, and his pulpit-ish video.

(SOURCE: Christian Newswire)

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