Technology Assisting Leadership Connectivity During Pandemic

From Sunday school classes to board meetings, “Zoom” calls seem to have become the tool of choice for the Church of God to stay connected in this era of social distancing to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. The International Offices leadership is utilizing it and other technology to conduct much of the business of the Church.

The schedule for this week – March 29 – April 4 – exemplifies the commitment of the Church of God Executive Committee, led by General Overseer Tim Hill, to provide the latest information on how the Church of God is navigating this unprecedented period of history. While the International Offices remains closed this week, a skeleton crew is providing technical assistance to broadcast leaders both on site and electronically to strategic groups and organizations, all while striving to respect suggested rules of distancing and group assembling.

On Monday, March 30, several meetings took place over the airwaves, including a conference call among the Executive Committee, a Zoom conference with the Tennessee state office and pastors, a greeting by Hill to the South Georgia Prayer Conference, and a 2:00 p.m. Zoom meeting with over 150 state overseers and state council representatives. Hill and members of the Executive Committee, shared with the state leaders for nearly two hours providing updates and the latest updates to pass along to their pastors.

Under the title, “Dedicated to Sustain, Devoted to Strengthen, Determined to Secure,” Hill shared from Luke 22:35 which says, “Then Jesus asked his disciples, “When I sent you out without a wallet, traveling bag, or sandals, you didn’t lack anything, did you?” They replied, “Nothing at all.” (ISV). Prayer was then offered by three leaders representing various regions from across the country.

During the Zoom conference, updates and strategies were offered from Benefits Board CEO Art Rhodes, who addressed implications of the recent stimulus bill; Church of God Legal Counsel Dennis Watkins; Cleveland Mayor Kevin Brooks; and physician James Marcum who offered the latest health updates. Hill then spoke concerning “the journey thus far,” including his commitment to, “sustain-not stop doing.”

Hill addressed financial and budgetary issues that included budget allocations, specifically targeted to mission and borderline mission states/regions to assist pastors and churches in carrying out ministry; funds being used to fulfill local church requests that are processed through state overseers in all states and regions; funds earmarked to assist new church plants and pastors through loans from the Church Planting Bank; an appropriation provided to aged ministers and widows of ministers to honor their service to the Kingdom; funds to assist retired ministers/widows with medication expenses through Helping Hands Ministry; the ongoing allocation to Church of God World Missions for the support of projects, personnel, and ministry around the world; continued assistance to Church of God educational institutions; and budget allocations that affect field and local ministries that gives momentum to numerous other ministry opportunities.

Other events scheduled to be addressed or meetings to take place this week via electronic technology – many of which were scheduled to take place prior to the coronavirus outbreak – include the Hispanic Ministries Advisory Council, General Assembly Task Force, Budget Review Committee, Black Ministries Advisory Council, General Council Agenda Committee, Illinois Prayer Revival, a livestream with retired ministers, and a Zoom conference with all employees of the International Offices.

An effective tool offered by the Church of God during this trying period is the information and resources being offered at the dedicated website, or at New items are added almost daily and translation into Spanish is provided.

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