New Installment Released in ‘Doctrine and Polity’ Series

A new paper has been placed in the Doctrine and Polity series on the Church of God website,

Entitled, “A Step-by-Step Guide to Bible Study for Pentecostals,” this entry into the series deviates from the traditional presentation of research on a certain topic by adding an instructional approach. Authored by Pentecostal Theological Seminary Professor Dr. Lee Roy Martin, the paper addresses the topic of hermeneutics, the study of the methodological principles of interpretation of scripture.

Martin outlines the subject by breaking it down into several approaches to Bible study, including three insufficient methods before focusing on the exegetical approach, defined as a study of the Bible through the use of established rules and principles. The author breaks down the book of Colossians as an example.

This latest installment is the 14th of the Doctrine and Polity series, which seeks to offer in-depth research into the core beliefs of the Church of God and the Pentecostal tradition. The D&P Committee consists of learned scholars who take seriously their assignments on some of the most critical and probing questions of today’s culture and the church’s approach.

To access the entire document, “A Step-by-Step Guide to Bible Study for Pentecostals,” visit and click on the BELIEFS tab. All entries are presented in both English and Spanish.

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