Prayer Alert Regarding Coronavirus Outbreak

CLEVELAND, TN: As the coronovirus continues to spread and fears grow, the General Overseer of the Church of God, Dr. Timothy M. Hill, issued the following call for prayer:

“I am asking our Church of God family around the world to pray for those impacted by the coronavirus and for many others that are fearful of the possible continued spread of the virus. Because of the deadly consequences of coronavirus, it is important that we lift up those directly impacted by the virus, but that we also take the necessary health precautions personally to prevent the spread of the disease.

Since the outbreak of the virus, I have not changed my travel schedule and have visited several countries around the globe. I am currently traveling with a group of our Church of God family in the Holy Land on our “Journey of Pentecost” tour. However, I have tried to stay mindful of the health recommendations by the local authorities and have exercised personal caution as I have traveled and met with local groups and congregations.

As the coronavirus continues to spread and new cases are discovered, I am calling on our church family to pray for God’s mercy and favor to stop the spread of the virus and bring a total halt to this deadly disease. There is no doubt that we serve a God that hears our prayers and our pleas for help.

As we continue to prayer for healing around the world for those impacted by the coronavirus, all previously scheduled church events will go forward.”

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