Operation Compassion and Partners Send Aid to Puerto Rico

A few weeks ago, Puerto Rico was hit with a devastating earthquake on the southwest side of the island. Since that initial quake, there have been hundreds of aftershocks that have continued to rattle the island.

Scientists are calling this event an earthquake swarm, including 11 earthquakes that were 5.0 or greater in magnitude. The largest earthquake occurred on January 7 with a magnitude of 6.4. So far, four fatalities have been reported with multiple injuries.

With extensive damage to homes and buildings, more than 8,000 were homeless and camping outdoors in various types of makeshift shelters and some 40,000 others camping outside their homes out of fear of another strong quake. Damages and financial losses are estimated in the billions of dollars.

In response to this disaster, Operation Compassion, an independent benevolent organization with roots in the Church of God,  and Randy Johnson of God’s Pit Crew, one of OC’s disaster relief partners,  have sent containers of supplies and goods to the island. Hundreds of disaster relief blessing buckets, children’s play pails, bottled water, food, hygiene products and other supplies have been sent.

Operation Compassion will need financial help in meeting the needs of the thousands of people affected by these earthquakes. To give online, visit

www.operationcompassion.org, call 423.728.3932, or mail donations to:

Operation Compassion
114 Stuart Road, NE PMB 370
Cleveland, TN 37312

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