Church of God Publications Launches Intercessors Ministry

Cleveland, TN–Church of God Publications/Pathway Press held an initial interest gathering with retired minsters, spouses, and widows on February 12 to discuss ways to help pastors presently leading churches.

During the many years that you served Christ as one of His ministers, you used many of the materials produced by. We appreciate that more than we can say.

David Ray, director of Church pf God Publications welcomed the roomful of participants gathered at the Leadership and Communications Center of the International Offices.

“Pathway recently concluded a strategic study and discovered there exists a challenge to better communicate with our men and women who are on the frontlines of ministry,” Ray stated. “Our study also indicated that our retired ministers may well be the greatest resource available to the Church of God for communicating to these younger pastors. Therefore, we extended this invitation to you to become part of a volunteer group of encouragers who will, ‘stand in the gap’ for the new generation.” Ray proclaimed the group will be known as “Pathway Intercessors.”

Ray further described the ministry with a scenario: “A pastor receives a call from a retired minister (or spouse) volunteer who has years of experience in ministry. He/she identifies him or herself, and asks: ‘How are you doing?’ Then listens to the answer. ‘Is there anything that I may pray about with you now?’ You know how to do this. Then, you tell him/her that Pathway Press has sponsored a group of retired ministers to support you in prayer, so we will continue to pray for you, your family and our other pastors. Wouldn’t you have appreciated such a call in your days of ministry?”

“My Dad was a pastor from 1941 until 1991,” said Al Taylor, former Director of Stewardship for the Church of God who also addressed the group. “He planted eight churches in Virginia. He would have been thrilled to receive a call of encouragement from any one of you at any time in that half century of ministry. And, so will pastors today. Would you like to be the one who makes that call?”

Taylor pointed out that if 100 callers make one call per day, they will collectively reach almost all Church of God pastors two times a year.

“The many gifts and callings that are present in this room right now are still extant,” Taylor told the group of retirees. “They have not been rescinded. They are viable and they are valuable. That leads us to the obvious question: ‘How then shall my ministry be exercised now?’ I can assure you that your years of experience in prayer and the victories that you won down on your knees are victories that still stand in the Kingdom of God.”

As part of the connection of the Intercessors with the ministers, Pathway Press will send a free gift.

In order to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Pauline Justice at Church of God Publications/ Pathway Press, at 423-478-7595 or emailing [email protected]

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