Christian Football Coach Threatens to Sue NFL

Coach Dave Daubenmire will broadcast a special Saturday morning edition of Coach Dave LIVE where he will explain his position on the soft porn at the Super Bowl and his intentions to sue those responsible for pumping the bilge into the homes of unsuspecting Christian Americans.

“Pornography is a scourge that destroys marriages and families and it is no longer a laughing matter.” Said Coach Dave. “The NFL, without warning, exposed young children to sexual gyrations and behaviors that young innocent children should not be exposed to unless the NFL is trying to indoctrinate future porn users.”

Coach continued, “The sexual objectification of women by J-Lo and others was degrading to women everywhere. It is time for Christians to stand up and defend innocent children from this scourge.”

The threatened lawsuit gained national attention this week after Coach Dave spent an hour discussing the idea with his LIVEstream Huddle on Monday morning’s show. Since then the threat has received global attention in the media including an interview today with Fox News, and coverage yesterday by Sports Illustrated. is a live, interactive, internet program where questions can be asked and issues discussed by the participants. It will air LIVE at 7 am EST Saturday morning and it will be archived for free later viewing.

(SOURCE: Coach Dave LIVE via Christian Newswire)

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