Chemicals and Christians: Compassion and Caution

A key theme is that seemingly small decisions may have profound consequences for people choosing products for themselves and for those around them as well. Everyday items can make healthy people sick and sick people sicker. Because most of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use today haven’t been adequately tested, the items that contain them can produce physical and mental symptoms not generally recognized as toxic reactions.

Expertly researched and written by a professional writer, this groundbreaking book is loaded with valuable information, biblical counsel, and personal testimony. It provides steps for biblical victory, offers practical resources, and shows churches ways to help.

Martha McLaughlin and her husband served as international missionaries for 10 years. When her physical breakdown forced them to return to the USA, she feared it was the end of her missionary journey. But instead, God told her, “Just because you’re set apart doesn’t mean you’re set aside.”

Today Martha feels called to try to help a different kind of unreached people group: the isolated sufferers of toxic illness, a growing but largely invisible population. Yet, like the canaries once used in coal mines to detect poisonous gases, they are a wake-up call to the effects of the thousands of chemicals used daily in our modern society.

“The chemical/pharmaceutical industry is powerful, well funded, and relentless, and their attempts to discredit chemical illness and those who experience it have been largely successful,” Martha writes. “Those already suffering from a devastating illness continue to face hostility and scorn from those who should give them help.”

The book’s message is clear: Take care. Take care not to let everyday chemicals affect you and take care of those who’ve already developed chemical illness. Chapters relate to the stages of illness the author has identified in herself and others and offer numerous “Take Care Tips.”

Those with toxic illness will find help and hope. Friends and family members can learn more. And those who care about making the world safer for everyone, ensuring that churches are accessible to all, and ministering to the marginalized will find information, inspiration, and a renewed desire to work for change. Powerful endorsements support the author’s message.

A professional writer since 2006 with a BS and an MEd, Martha has had more than 500 articles published online in the field of behavioral health.

(SOURCE: Redemption Press via Christian Newswire)

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