Global Ministry Forum Analysis Available

Results and analyses from the Global Ministry Forums which took place last year at two dozen locations around the world, have been made available through the Church of God Ministry Reporting portal.

The report, which was compiled from thousands of surveys completed both at the forums and online, was professionally gathered and analyzed with the results made available just as it was received by and reported to the Church of God Executive Committee and Executive Council during their regularly-scheduled session on January 20-22.

The report carries no opinion or commentary from denominational leadership on the four primary topics addressed in the survey. The report does, however, contain corresponding explanatory paragraphs (executive summary) per item as provided by the professional survey group.

The Ministry Reporting portal is a venue which allows online reporting of ministers with credentials in the Church of God. For those not on the ministry portal, the reports can be made available through a request to Cameron Fisher with Church of God Communications. Please email [email protected]

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