‘Armor of God’

Put on the Armor of God. In this new non-fiction work, Author William Vandry presents his research, gathered over 14 years, that scientifically supports the Bible and Christianity. The book at a fast pace goes into science, history and archeology on diverse topics related to defense of Christianity, on topics such as:

— Miracles and Demons
— The Dead Sea Scrolls
— 2nd and 3rd Century Crosses
— 125 B.C Copy of the book of Isaiah
— Tuatara living Dinosaur
— Homology of man, Facts of Science
— Near Death Evidence
— Scientific Evidence of the Crucifixion of Christ
— Extra Biblical Evidence
— Archeological evidence from the Bible
— Historic proofs of Biblical times

“As a child, I had my first clue to research paleontology. I dug through more of these books in fourth grade, and up until today I keep researching. My goal is not to convince or compel readers to believe what I or anyone else believes. The goal of this book is a discussion about different views, notes on information I researched from historical, archeological, scientific and medical documents. I also reference information from sources each chapter. Whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic or Atheist, I hope this book piques your interest. I chose the title Armor of God for a reason. Apologetics is a field of Christian theology which attempts to present a rational basis for the Christian faith, defending the faith against objections. I needed to prepare for this book, but also to prepare information on subjects very seldom discussed in theology, taught in education, churches, or even debated.

“My goal is to give you data that perhaps you did not know, or simply just discarded because it didn’t comply with your beliefs. I hope for those that had doubt, at least you have that doubt challenged. Good luck to you, thank you to Almighty God above, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” — William Vandry, Author

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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