‘Miracle Seed Offering’ Raises Funds Toward Debt Elimination

Cleveland, TN–What is being termed as a “miracle seed offering,” of over $20,000 was given by guests and employees of the Church of God to begin to eliminate a $4 million debt that remains on the expansion of the International Offices campus.

At the 2000 General Assembly held in St. Louis, debate took place and a motion was passed to allow for the expansion of the International Offices campus. The original four-story office building was constructed in 1968 when the membership of the Church of God around the globe was 450,000. Some 32 years later, the church had grown to over 6 million and ministries of the Church were operating in nine separate buildings in various locations in Cleveland, Tennessee. In 2002, ground was broken on two 12,000 square-foot buildings and completed two years later. Following a year-long renovation of the original building, the three buildings were dedicated in September 2005.

“Expansion of our campus was long overdue when the General Assembly passed the measure in 2000,” General Overseer Tim Hill stated. “Today we have a gorgeous and functional campus that was built with the best of materials and today we are reaping the long-term benefits of those wise decisions. All three buildings look like they did on dedication day 15 years ago. It was money well-invested and I thank God for the wisdom of the General Council and General Assembly to see the need at that time.”

General Overseer Tim Hill anoints with oil the seed offering given on January 8 (click image to enlarge)

In what Hill refers to as a prophetic moment and release of faith, He called for a seed offering during the Wednesday morning session of the Agree ’20 prayer convocation. He noted that payments on the outstanding loan are over $700,000 per year, but that a concerted effort to reduce the debt has taken place over the last three years with $2.5 million paid down on the principal.

“This has been a burden on my heart and I have contemplated when would be the best time to share it; I feel God prompting me that this is the time,” Hill said. Following the appeal, those in attendance began to spontaneously place an offering on the podium which Hill followed by anointing it with oil. “I want this offering delivered to the bank with anointing oil on it…and tell them there’s more coming.”

“We have facilities in place that are not only beautiful, but have aided in the dissemination of the Gospel around the globe and will continue to do so for as long as the Lord tarries,” Hill concluded. “It’s time we freed these funds to go back into ministry!”

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