‘Woman, Thou Art Loosed!: Homecoming’ Set for September

Woman, Thou Art Loosed!: Homecoming will be held Sept. 10-12, 2020, at the Georgia World Congress Center, marking the end of the conference that has inspired women for decades. Speakers include pastors Cora Jakes Coleman and Sarah Jakes-Roberts, both daughters of conference founder and host Bishop T. D. Jakes.

Building on her foundation as a renowned pastor and prayer warrior, Cora recently released her latest book, “Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise” (Charisma House, 2019). This personal and powerful work equips readers to overcome all obstacles through prayer and calls for them to be the warriors that God intended them to be. In her book Cora takes a deep dive into her mental and physical struggles, including her battle with infertility. Her session in the Woman, Thou Art Loosed! conference will draw from the many principles featured in “Ferocious Warrior.”

Central to the conference’s origin story is Bishop Jakes’ Sunday school class for women, which took place long before Jakes became an internationally known name. The course turned into a book that Bishop Jakes initially sold out of the trunk of his car before going on to sell over seven million copies worldwide. Woman, Thou Art Loosed! then turned into the global women’s conference that it is today, known as the largest gathering of Christian women in the United States.

Since 1996, Woman, Thou Art Loosed! has inspired and empowered women to stand up and understand their God-given potential. It was initially held in Atlanta and has since gone to be hosted in various cities across the nation. The message, which Jakes says “struck a reservoir of human need,” let women know they no longer needed to stay trapped; they could move beyond the pain of their past and into their destiny. In 2020 the movement will return to its roots in Atlanta for one last time.

“What a journey this has been. Woman, Thou Art Loosed! has been a catalyst for millions around the globe for empowerment, financial equity, spiritual growth and a consortium of other issues for decades,” Bishop Jakes said. “We are proud that we have been able to help elevate and be an advocate for women in this space.”

Bishop Jakes does not want what has been built to end with him. He sees much happening in the future, especially with his daughters, Cora and Sarah.

During a recent radio interview, Bishop Jakes explained the power of looking to the next generation:
“I’m a great advocate for young people. I love for them to have their day … we don’t want whatever we build to be a one-generation experience. We want to pass it on from generation to generation. I was used to initiate a conversation that was long overdue.”

Cora and Sarah will be featured speakers during the event held Sept. 10-12, 2020.

(SOURCE: Charisma House via Christian Newswire)

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