Group Evaluates Wellbeing and Adherence to Biblical Principles

Teleios Research evaluated whether those who adhere to several key foundational principles of Christianity by practicing their faith (through prayer, faith, praise, outreach, and Bible study as well as belief in salvation by grace and security of salvation) have better personal wellbeing compared to those who practice these measures less frequently.

Teleios summarized prior surveys they conducted on two Christian-based Instagram accounts, Godsholyscriptures and Instapray. The database included 14,422 respondents of whom: 62% were female, 49% were between 18-35 years; and 78% were evangelical.

The analysis found an average wellbeing score among the whole group of 4.6 (grade 0-6 with 6 being the best). However, participants who most frequently participated in Bible study, taught and shared the gospel had statistically better wellbeing than the rest. Further, the more participants adhered to these principles the higher their wellbeing scored compared to less adherent.

Below are the biblical principles assessed with the average wellbeing score for most adherent; less adherent; and the P-value:

• Bible study, teach and share the gospel (basic unit) – 4.9; 4.6; P=0.006

• Basic unit plus prayer – 4.9; 4.6; P=0.007

• Basic unit plus prayer and praise – 4.9; 4.6; P=0.008

• Basic unit plus prayer, praise and fellowship – 5.0; 4.6; P=0.001

• Basic unit plus prayer, praise, fellowship and saved by grace – 5.4; 4.6; P<0.0001

Among those adhering to all the biblical principles, there was no report of negative wellbeing versus 8% of the less adherent group (P<0.001).

Dr. William C. Stewart, co-founder of Teleios, stated “These data offer hope to millions of people that the Bible provides truth for salvation as well as greater happiness and satisfaction in their daily life by simply adhering to the foundational principles of scripture. Our research suggests that increasing adherence to the foundational principles of faith, along with believing in salvation by grace and security of salvation, enhances wellbeing.”

Further research is needed to further define even more specifically ways Christianity enhances a person’s wellbeing and its effect on their lifestyle and productivity.

WC Stewart, A Brogan, JA Stewart, LA Nelson

About Teleios – Teleios is a non-profit foundation that seeks to demonstrate the truth of scripture and the Christian faith through scientific methods by providing evidence for the positive results of a biblically-based lifestyle and produces practical tools for scriptural understanding and confidence.

(SOURCE: Teleios Research via Christian Newswire)

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