Advisory Council Meets at International Offices

Cleveland, TN–The Church of God General Advisory Council met with members of the International Executive Committee (IEC) on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at the International Offices.

Seated (l-r): Lamar Vest, Raymond Culpepper, Tim Hill, Mark Williams, Dennis McGuire. Standing (l-r): J. David Stephens, Orville Hagan, Wallace Sibley, David Griffis, David Ramirez, John Childers, M. Thomas Propes (click photo to enlarge)

The Advisory Council consists of all past members of the IEC. The group meets periodically with current members of the IEC and other church leaders to offer guidance, direction and vision for the future of the Church of God.

General Overseer Tim Hill led the gathering of seven men consisting of past general overseers R. Lamar Vest, G. Dennis McGuire, and Mark L. Williams.* The group also consisted of past assistant general overseers Orville Hagan, David M. Griffis, Wallace J. Sibley and former secretary general, M. Thomas Propes. Unable to attend the meeting were former general overseers Robert White and Paul L. Walker, as well as past secretary general, Gene D. Rice.

“You are here to help give us guidance on some issues,” Hill told the Advisory Council members in his opening remarks. “God is still seeking a people to reach the Harvest and I believe the Church of God will play a vital role in finishing the Great Commission.”

Hill briefed the Advisory Council on the latest initiatives and projects of the denomination, including the 40 weeks of prayer focus, #wepraycog, and a report on the recent completion of the Global Ministry Forums. Members of the Executive Committee Raymond Culpepper, J. David Stephens, David Ramirez, and John Childers gave presentations on the ministries from their divisions, while Director of Business and Records Raymond Hodge greeted the members as well. Discussions and presentations lasted into the late afternoon.

“The Advisory Council is a treasured resource for the Church of God,” Hill continued. “The combined years of leadership on the Executive Committee, as well as their ministry experience in pastoring, education, state level and world missions provides the sitting Executive Committee with a wealth of knowledge from which to draw. I am thankful for each and every one of them.”

On Wednesday, December 4, the Advisory Council, as well as their spouses and widows of deceased members, were special guests and recognized during the annual Christmas chapel, followed by a luncheon held in the Leadership and Communications Center.

*Current First Assistant General Overseer Raymond F. Culpepper is also a past general overseer (2008-2012)

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