‘Just A Minute’ to Feature Executive Committee

‘Just A Minute,’ the popular 60-second devotional series featuring Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill, will begin spotlighting other members of the Church of God International Executive Committee.

The change begins on Monday, October 28, 2019 with the release of a “JAM” message from Dr. Raymond Culpepper, first assistant general overseer. Culpepper and the three remaining committee members J. David Stephens (second assistant), David Ramirez (third assistant) and John D. Childers (secretary general) have each recorded five one-minute messages and will air over the next several months leading up to the International General Assembly next July. Hill will continue to be featured within this time period as well. New episodes are typically released every other Monday.

‘Just A Minute’ was launched a few months following the installation of General Overseer Hill in late 2016. The messages are intended to be a quick and refreshing moment of spiritual renewal. The devotional is true to the title, complete within a moving minute hand in the frame.
‘Just A Minute,’ sub-titled “60 inspiring seconds that really count,” can be found by visiting the Church of God website (churchofgod.org) and clicking on the home page graphic.

Since its launch, there have been 69 episodes recorded. The setting for each message has varied from sacred spaces to coffee shops, to locations far and wide. Archived episodes can be found at the website location, each lasting no more than, “just a minute.”

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