Jeremiah Generation Leadership Summit Conducted in Eastern North Carolina

Over the past three years, tens of thousands of teenagers and young adults have accepted Christ through the Jeremiah Generation Initiative. From the Winterfest stage to the youth camp altars to the local churches, this generation has overwhelmingly responded to the call.

As a Youth and Discipleship Director, I am constantly looking for ways to engage and empower this “Next” and “Now” generation. The global youth ministry plan has absolutely fit like a glove. The ENC state youth board and I have developed a plan of action to Identify, Equip, and Empower this Jeremiah Generation. We just needed a launching point.

The Jeremiah Generation has begun to answer the next phase of their calling: to emerge as leaders of their generation, in their culture, and throughout the world. This is what it looks like in the Eastern North Carolina Youth and Discipleship Department: 45 students gathered on September 27-28, being engaged and empowered with transformational leadership training by International Youth and Discipleship Assistant Director Rob Bailey and respected church ministry trainer Dr. Fred Garmon at the inaugural Jeremiah Generation Leadership Summit. Rob challenged the students on Spiritual Identity, Calling, & Disciplines while Fred challenged them on Isolation, Connection, & Care. The culmination of the weekend inspired me as I sat and watched each student grow and flex their leadership muscles.

These young men and women soaked in every word, asked challenging questions, and interacted with one another. There is no doubt that the Jeremiah Generation Initiative – launched by General Overseer Dr. Tim Hill and the International Executive Committee at the 2016 General Assembly – is making an indelible impact on Generation Z and Millennials.

After this weekend, the plan of action was to invite these and others to an additional One Day Leadership training and then take these students through spring semester instruction. The students will receive a certificate of completion at our summer camp meeting experience. We will also identify and send four students to travel to Washington D.C. for the Eagles event, led by Dr. B. Randall Parris.

These young leaders have become our base of direction, support, and leadership for all future state events in Eastern North Carolina Youth & Discipleship. The task isn’t easy, but we are plugging these leaders in now so they will not “jump ship” later.

We are grateful for the leadership of Bishop Dennis and Judy Page and the State Council who partner with us to ensure this generation has a spot. We are seeing it in action. Eastern North Carolina has a bright future in leading the way for Christ and the Church of God.

–Dewayne Moree, ENC State Director of Youth and Discipleship

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