Tennessee State Office Installs Latest in Zoom Technology

The use of technology has played an integral part in expanding productivity and effectiveness for the Church of God in Tennessee. A new strategy for conducting business and facilitating ministry has been implemented under the leadership of Administrative Bishop T. Wayne Dority.

This past July the Tennessee State Council approved installation of innovative technology that is being used for board meetings, trainings, and connecting with pastors in the state. The new ‘Enhanced Intelligent Zoom Conference Room’ system employs the state-of-the-art Polycom EagleEye Director II with auto-motion tracking capability, and a Nureva High Definition advanced conference audio system. This system employs virtual microphone and speaker technology with intelligent sound targeting to enhance and stabilize the quality of audio for all participants.

Through the use of ‘Zoom Conference Room’, Bishop Dority and the administrative staff have been able to virtually eliminate the use of paper during meetings. Agendas and committee reports are downloaded to a designated Dropbox file prior to meetings. Each board member is sent a link to the meeting folder and reports are displayed on the system during the meeting. Also, board members and ministers who are unable to attend meetings and trainings on site are able to join remotely. The automated specialized cameras, microphones, and speakers are able to track individuals who are speaking so they are clearly seen and heard during meetings from any position in the room. This technology was also used recently to dialogue with district overseers throughout the state and is being used for Marital Review Board meetings which allows candidates the opportunity to participate in the necessary interview process while giving them the flexibility for their work schedule.

Bishop Dority believes that this innovative program, although in its embryonic stage, could become a paradigm for conducting business and ministry in every state office in the Church of God. To inquire, please contact State Ministries Coordinator Darrell Bewley at [email protected].

(Source: Tennessee State Office)

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