Hill Releases Next Installment in the “Let’s Talk About It” Series

In the on-going series, “Let’s Talk About It,” Church of God General Overseer Timothy M. Hill has released the latest tackling the topic, “Observations and Affirmations from the Global Ministry Forums.”

Hill began the series in late 2017 with the purpose of offering “insights and observations shared to inspire conversation.” Hill says the series originated as a way to share his heart about topics which seem to frequently arise in the Church of God. He has now penned a total of 27 articles, discussing a wide variety of topics including tithing, church planting, women in leadership, financial transparency, and ministerial calling. Some of his creative titles include, “No More Kicking Cans…We’ve Run Out of Road,” “Half-Baked Cakes,” “What Was I Thinking,” and “Your Preaching Ain’t My Cup of Tea, But It’s a Fine Cup of Coffee.”

“As your general overseer,” Hill said, “my hope is that everyone who reads these documents will do so with an open mind and heart toward reconciling some issues which have at times in the past sparked debate. The topics are an attempt to clarify our denominational position and/or cast a vision for the future.”

Hill writes in the latest installment: “Everyone that has spoken at the forums has addressed these topics with conviction, passion and respect for others that may have different opinions….While the series of Global Ministry Forums may have not raised issues that were not already being discussed, I think there have been some very important affirmations. As I have sat through the forums, the following facts have been affirmed to me over and over again:

There is Interest
People have a genuine interest in the direction of our church. Regardless of the topic, there is an overwhelming longing for Great Commission involvement as a movement.

There is Concern
People are expressing great concern that we as a church remain scripturally accountable and responsible in all that we do as a denomination.

There is Passion
People are coming to the forums prepared, and they are speaking with firm and deep conviction about the subjects of interest to them and our church.”

The full document, as well as the complete “Let’s Talk About It” series is available online by visiting www.letstalkaboutitbytimhill.com. Also, the Church of God website has previous releases available for download in PDF format at www.churchofgod.org/lets-talk-about-it. Pathway Press is maintaining a supply of each title for those who wish to order hard copies for distribution. Please contact David Ray at [email protected] to order.

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