Aspiring Leaders Conference Trains Jeremiah Generation

Last month, Delmarva-DC Church of God Youth and Discipleship launched its first significant “Jeremiah Generation” effort through the “Aspiring Leaders Conference.”

The need for connection, fellowship and mentorship for young leaders between age 18 and 30 in the region was evident, leading to this creative initiative.

A foundational understanding of the Regional Youth and Discipleship Director Brett Seals is that, “traditional ministry vocations are shifting focus from the four walls of the church to digital platforms and modern marketplaces.”

Seals is committed to encouraging this group’s gifts and opening doors of opportunity so they may succeed. “Incredible potential exists within the Millennials and the upcoming Generation Z as they help stretch the current understanding of ministry and the scope of impact they make,” Seals continued. “This group of aspiring leaders has embraced this challenge and will certainly be pioneers as the church moves forward.”

Seventy-two young leaders attended the day of training and learning. Dr. Randall Parris, International Coordinator for Global Youth Leadership in the Youth and Discipleship Department, was the keynote presenter. He connected with passion and zeal for the “Jeremiah Generation,” impacting the aspiring leaders. Other workshops presenters included Josh Martin, Youth and Discipleship Director for Pennsylvania, and Heather Seals, Girls’ Ministries Coordinator for Delmarva-DC. They shared from their hearts on crucial and practical eldership topics ranging from balancing ministry and family to reclaiming a generation for Christ.

One of the conference highlights was a “working lunch” with Bishop Stan Holder, Administrative Bishop for the region, and his wife, Theresa. During the luncheon, the Holders shared their hearts for the Jeremiah Generation and facilitated a vibrant and productive conversation with the group. The sentiments from the young leaders participating in this interchange were “we feel valued by our church” and “we know that we are being heard.” Undoubtedly, the Aspiring Young Leaders Conference is the beginning of something great for the Church of God in the Delmarva-DC region.

(Source: Church of God Youth and Discipleship)

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