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Just released by The Oaklea Press, a book by Danbury, Connecticut native, Peter A. Scalzo, entitled, “CANCER & PEACE, MY 15-YEAR JOURNEY: How I Found Comfort & Joy” details the author’s 15-year battle with cancer and how his faith in God increased during that time and brought him through it. The Kindle edition will be free to download from Amazon, October 2-4 by following this link:

Why do some get cancer and others do not? If an all-powerful God exists, as Christians believe is true, couldn’t He prevent cancer from happening? This raises the questions, “Does God cause cancer to happen, or does he simply allow it to happen?” These are the questions Peter A. Scalzo, a fervent Christian first struggled with on his 15-year cancer journey that began when he was 43. Today he believes that he knows the answers and he shares them in this book.

Even Peter’s doctors were shocked when he was diagnosed because he appeared to be in good health, worked out almost every day, ate right, and his weight was good. A successful lawyer with six children, Peter explains in his book how he was able to find peace, comfort—even joy—through 15 surgeries, as well as numerous medical procedures, tests, and hospital stays—although at times the outlook appeared incredibly bleak. Twice during the past 15 years the advice was to go home, call hospice, and put his affairs in order. However, in what can be described as a modern day miracle, Peter’s doctor was amazed when on September 9, 2019, a deep cystoscopy he performed showed Peter’s urinary system to be cancer free.

Peter maintains that he is a better person for having taken his cancer journey, and it was not he that got him through it, but rather, it was a Higher Power, Jesus Christ, that Peter believes readers will want to come to know as he did, put their faith in, and ultimately depend upon to deliver the best possible outcome in each and every situation.

“CANCER & PEACE, MY 15-YEAR JOURNEY” is available from in both Kindle trade paperback editions. Follow this link to the book’s page on Amazon:

(SOURCE: The Oaklea Press)

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