‘Saturate South Carolina’ Reaching Thousands of Homes

Local congregations of the Church of God in the state of South Carolina have embraced a soul-winning effort to reach homes in their cities and towns. The project, launched earlier this year, is called “Saturate South Carolina.”

“I like trying to do ‘big’ things for God,” State Administrative Bishop Bruce Rabon said of the initiative. “I scheduled a meeting with Mike Wooten, South Carolina Church Ministries Director, and said, ‘Mike, there are 4.8 million citizens in South Carolina and 1.8 million homes.  I want the Church of God to introduce them to the King of Kings and the Kingdom of God.’”

Rabon and Wooten contacted a ministry that has saturated large cities with the gospel in the past.

“Our challenge was convincing them that with our Church of God structure of state leadership promoting it, district overseers and churches serving as distribution centers, and the local pastors and churches loving their communities and the kingdom of God, if anyone could do it, it was the South Carolina Church of God,” Rabon continued.  “Thank God they bought into our vision and contributed $1,000,000 of resources!”

Rabon shared with the South Carolina pastors that what he was asking them to do is, “easier than trick-or-treating.” The local church places a DVD representing the life of Christ (recorded in eight different languages), a salvation tract, a letter from the church and anything they want to add (such as sealed candy, etc.) into a clear plastic bag, and they hang it on doors of the houses in their zip codes.

The bags and zip codes they are to cover are provided by the ministry with whom the state is networking.

“In the seven months since I shared the strategy during the State Prayer Conference, our churches in South Carolina have reached over 250,000 homes,” Rabon reported.  “As they have moved outside of the four walls of the church and into the streets of their communities, we have received reports of people asking for prayer, invitations to accept Christ, conversions and healings.  Traveling across the state, Wanda and I have heard wonderful praise reports…to God be the glory!”

To learn more about Saturate South Carolina, visit the South Carolina website www.sccog.com.

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