International Council Global Forum In Session

September 23, 2019—Cleveland, TN—The International Council, a group of leaders from around the globe who represent the ministries of the Church of God, are gathered in session through tomorrow, September 24. They will conclude their time in a morning joint session with the International Executive Council, which is scheduled to meet through Thursday.

The International Council is made up of the International Executive Committee, World Missions leaders, Field Directors and a representative from six regions outside the USA, including Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, and Canada. Also included are USA representatives from the Hispanic and African-America populations.

The meeting began on Sunday evening as the world leaders gathered for a time of fellowship, orientation and introduction. General Overseer Tim Hill welcomed the Council members and led a time of spiritual renewal, which included a powerful illustration of the night before Jesus’ crucifixion when he broke bread with and washed the disciples’ feet. The service concluded with a ceremonial washing of, “the feet of the nations,” where members of the Executive Committee washed the feet of the field directors.

General Overseer Tim Hill prays over members of the Executive Committee as they wash the feet of Church of God Field Directors (click photo to enlarge)

During Tuesday’s morning session, the Council heard a report from First Assistant General overseer Raymond Culpepper on ministerial advocacy and credentialing, followed by General Director of World Missions David M. Griffis who revealed the latest figures related to the Church of God presence around the world (not including USA and Canada). The numbers include over 37,000 churches, 6,400,000 members, 43,641 ministers, 116 Bible colleges/schools, 8,000+ regular donors giving to 1,443 active World Missions projects, with over $15,800,000 given. Griffis also reported $2,364,728 in funding since 2016 for the Send the Light to the Cities project and gave a city-by-city progress report. The morning session concluded with reports from each of the Field Directors, which included Peter Thomas, Africa; Andrew Binda, Asia/Pacific; Ishmael Charles, Caribbean; Angel Marcial, Latin America; and Assistant Director of World Missions M. Thomas Propes, filling in for Europe Field Director Stephen Darnell who was unable to attend due to illness.

In the afternoon session, General overseer Hill was scheduled to moderate a Global Forum with the Council, as well as report on any developing motions and/or agenda recommendations from the members. The International Council will join the International Executive Council this evening in a joint dinner on the Lee University campus.

The final session of the International Council is set to conclude at noon on September 24. The group will meet again in 2021.

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