New School Seeks to Combat Growing U.S. Secularism

With more young people in the U.S. identifying as atheists and “nones,” national youth organization Kingdom Youth Conferences (KY) launches a new Bible training school and internship program to disciple young people. Beginning Sept. 3, the two-year accredited program will welcome young adults ages 18-to 25-years old from across the U.S. to be trained in Kingdom culture–amid a growing trend of secularism in our nation.

The Bible training school is the latest puzzle piece to come together in Kingdom Youth Co-Founder Ryan Edberg’s multi-faceted vision to evangelize Generation Z–labeled the first post-Christian generation (Barna). Among Gen Z members between 13 and 18 years old, 13 percent consider themselves atheists, compared to just 6 percent of adults overall (Christianity Today).

The program will include college-level Bible courses, hands-on involvement in promoting and helping at Kingdom Youth Conferences, mission trips in the U.S. and abroad and training in effective prayer.

“Our goal is to help students find what God has called them to in life, to disciple them in the biblical scriptures, and to encourage them to experience God dynamically in everyday life,” said Edberg who founded the organization to fill a void left vacant by the exodus of other prominent youth ministries like Teen Mania.

In conjunction with KY’s Bible training school is the fall launch of its signature two-day youth events beginning at the Lord’s Church near Sacramento, Calif, Oct. 11. A new KY promotional video being circulated to U.S. churches conveys teenagers raising their hands and pumping their fists to energetic praise and worship music. Blinding purple light sprays over hundreds of teens and their worship pastors, while two girls, with eyes clinched shut, pray fervently for a spiritual breakthrough.

“War Cry” is the new conference theme, designed to alert, rally, and equip students to use spiritual weapons in battle against popular culture who is increasingly against God. The scriptural focus comes from 1 Peter 5:8: “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

“The devil has a target on our kids and he employs teachers, friends and music to form weapons against God. Our students are literally behind enemy lines,” Edberg explains.

Other upcoming KY events include Destiny Church, Columbia, Tenn., Oct. 18; Cathedral of His Glory, Greensboro, NC, Oct. 25; Shiloh Baptist Church, Plant City, Fla., Nov. 8; Turning Point Church, Desoto, Texas, Nov. 15; and Living Word Mesa, Mesa, Ariz., Feb. 21, 2020.

Since 2016, more than 10,000 students have attended KY events and nearly 4,000 young people have come forward to make commitments to follow Christ.

One youth leader named Asia praised Kingdom Youth, saying, “I have seen our youth step out of their comfort zones engaging worship and the spoken word. Now, they fully understand what it means to be a vessel, a lion chaser and a light that God has called in the world. It has refreshed me as a youth leader to engage Kingdom Youth myself and to watch my students grow, so I highly encourage you to attend.”

Earlier this year, KY held seven youth conferences with the theme “Transformation,” including a milestone event earlier this month featuring evangelist Todd White, co-sponsored by Evangelist Andrew Wommack, founder of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado.

“We are in crisis today as 7 out of ten abandon their faith after going to college. That’s just terrible. So we have teamed up with Kingdom Youth and I believe that Kingdom Youth will help us reach out and touch the younger generation,” Wommack concluded.

To register and for information about Ryan Edberg, Kingdom Youth’s Fall/Spring Conferences and its new Bible Training School, visit Prices range from $30-$55.

(SOURCE: I AM PR via Christian Newswire)

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