God’s Grace Through a Daughter’s Unconditional Love

According to Psychology Today, the effects of living with a narcissistic parent can be devastating*–and author Phylis Mantelli was nearly a victim of those effects. But in her memoir Unmothered: Life with a Mom Who Couldn’t Love Me, Phylis Mantelli shows how, by God’s grace, she escaped the victim trap when she learned to love her alcoholic, narcissistic mother unconditionally.

Phylis and her two siblings never know what to expect from their mom. The mom who bakes homemade chocolate chip cookies with hugs and smiles, or a raging, screaming mother who mocks and belittles them. The mom who cooks dinner, says a Hail Mary, and promises she’ll do better, or the drunk mother who brings men home from bars and leads them to her daughters’ room to show them off. Phylis just wants a mom who loves her, who wants the best for her, but that mom rarely makes an appearance.

Through it all, God never stops his pursuit of Phylis, and though she’d like nothing more than to turn her back on her mother, every time her mom reaches out, Phylis takes her hand. By God’s grace, Phylis eventually breaks through the pain and replaces it with a heart of a daughter who loves her mom unconditionally.

“My journey with my mother has been fractured and broken, with tiny bits of humor and love sprinkled on it, like confetti on a cupcake,” Phylis says. “But as I loved on a mother whose walls were built up high, I slowly chipped away the pain and replaced it with an honest, loving heart of a daughter who cares.”

Unmothered is a surprising memoir that offers hope and encouragement to those struggling with dysfunctional family relationships.

Blogger and author Phylis Mantelli “mama mentors” girls and women struggling with mother-daughter dysfunctional relationships, and she blogs on the healing grace of breaking generational sin.

(SOURCE: Redemption Press via Christian Newswire)

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