Hills on ‘Embracing the Nations’ Tour

Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill and his wife, Paula, are in Africa this week visiting several countries as part of an “Embracing the Nations” tour.

The general overseer referred to the travels as a “global pastoral tour” to several nations in the five regions where the Church of God has a presence outside of the U.S.A. Over the next few weeks, the Hills will visit several countries including this week’s destinations, Ghana and Togo. They are headed to South Africa, where they will minister in the cities of Johannesburg, Durban and Capetown. Other countries slated for the tour include Trinidad, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany, and El Salvador, among others.

Tim and Paula Hill are joined by a delegation of pastors in the country of Ghana (click photo to enlarge)

Earlier this week Paula Hill spoke to a women’s conference in Ghana and the first couple met with several pastoral leaders. This was Tim Hill’s fifth trip to the African nation.

The upcoming overseas trips for the Hills will include attendance and participation in additional women’s conferences, national conventions, and local churches. Three global ministry forums are slated for international destinations between August 30 and November 15 in Germany, Spain, and the Philippines.

“It is always extremely uplifting to visit the Church of God around the world,” Hill stated. “Paula and I are humbled by the hospitality and honor received on this tour and look forward to the destinations to come. God is truly moving among the nations!”

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