Artist to Send Original Paintings to Those Experiencing Hardship

With the number of mass shootings escalating, popular American fine artist Thomas Andrew (a.k.a. Tom Findlay) is preparing to send out a record number of angels in December. Beginning in 2006, Tom started painting and giving away original angel artwork to those who have experienced a tremendous hardship and are in dire need of spiritual uplifting. His Christmastime Angel Giveaway is only held in the US, and the angels are a surprise to the recipients who are secretly nominated by their friends and family. Each year, the number of nominees from coast to coast grows larger. In 2018, Tom received over 500 nominations. When Tom began his giveaway it was announced that only 10 recipients would receive angels. Each year that number has grown, and 80 angels were sent in 2018. “I wish I could send angels to all the nominees, but I produce all of the artwork and self-fund this giveaway,” says Tom.

Tom is expecting a record number of nominations this year, so he has teamed up with an Ukrainian digital artist, Tanya Gordeeva, to create a 2020 Angel Calendar that will fund Tom’s giveaway. Tanya Gordeeva has over 15 years of experience doing graphic design. Trained to be a teacher of English and German, Tanya changed her profession and never looked back. She is very passionate about digital art. Her signature style is creating Expressionist photo-paintings. Together, Tom and Tanya filled this year’s calendar with vivid images of angels designed to bring joy and peace throughout next year.

Thomas Andrew Findlay was raised by his single mother alongside his two brothers in Alabama. A self-taught painter, Tom began painting full time in 2004. Though Tom is best known for his colorful American landscape paintings, his angels have been commissioned by politicians, captains of industry and celebrities throughout the world. “I think because of what happened in my past, collectors of my landscapes have wanted my angels, too … it drips of irony, which is why I pen my artwork with my first and middle name only,” Tom states.

Tom even created a separate website ( in 2006 to help fund his angel giveaway.

(SOURCE: Thomas Andrew Art, LLC via Christian Newswire)

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