Israeli Tech Company Uses Virtual Reality to Help Christians Engage With the Bible

Compedia, an Israel-based business-to-business tech company, is using virtual reality technology to service Christian clients with products that help users engage with the Bible in a meaningful way. In today’s increasingly Bible-illiterate culture, Compedia innovates ahead-of-the-curve products that speak to the current generation, igniting a curiosity about Scripture and faith heritage.

“People have a lot of questions when they hear that we are an Israeli company working to service Christian clients,” said Gil Illutowich, CEO and chairman of the board of Compedia. “The truth is, we are passionate about the Christian and Jewish communities working together. We desire to build a bridge between the written message and salvation for the world, believing that God has raised up Jews and Christians for this tandem purpose.”

Compedia partnered with The Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., which attracted more than 1 million visitors during its first year of operation, to help bring the museum’s exhibits to life. With the help of Compedia’s innovation, visitors to the museum can immerse themselves in 34 different biblical sites through augmented reality tours, allowing them to soar across the Sea of Galilee, climb the stairs of the Temple Mount, explore the Holy Sepulchre and so much more. In addition to creating on-site attractions for The Museum of the Bible, Compedia also created a Bible curriculum for high school students that includes interactive maps, 3-D guides, quizzes, trivia and more.

As a result of these uniquely engaging interactions, users are introduced to the rich history and archaeology of the Bible in an unforgettable way. In the age when Americans still claim to be fond of Scripture but more than half have never or rarely read its contents, according to LifeWay Research, Compedia meets a grave need.

“Many people are dubious of augmented and virtual reality, but we see how they can be used for God’s glory,” said Illutowich. “When clients recognize how attentive users are to the Bible message when it’s presented through augmented and virtual reality, they see the power of it, too.”

In addition to their passion for furthering Bible education, Compedia is committed to developing products that help educators engage students of all types. The company is currently in partnership with a number of educational institutions and schools around the U.S. to utilize its interactive technology both in the classroom and in the online learning space. Other client collaborations include Siemens, Sony and Intel, to name a few.

Compedia’s cutting-edge technology has earned multiple recognitions such as the Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review for its excellence in design as well as The Award of Excellence from The Toy Man, among others.

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(Source: Charisma Media)

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