Latinos Celebrate Bilingual Global Ministry Forum

The Church of God International Executive Committee called for a bilingual Global Ministry Forum among the eight Latino regions of the Church of God in the USA. The forum took place on Friday, August 2, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Mesquite, Texas, Convention Center, located in east Dallas.

More than 550 participants, representing all sectors of the Church of God, came together for the three hour forum that was moderated by Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer. All five members of the International Executive Committee were present to witness the inspiring dynamics of conducting a meeting of this style in two languages. Numerous interpreters were available to facilitate the interpretation from Spanish to English and vice versa.

Some of the speakers represented areas outside of the USA. For example, a Church of God leader from Kuwait that could not be present in the Global Ministries Forum in his part of the world came to Mesquite to share his point. Moreover, there were speakers from Central America that included a lawyer from Costa Rica. She made her thought-provoking speech in support of women in ministry. Her arguments included passages of Scripture and a few examples of how women are actively immersed in the furtherance of the gospel.

The younger generations were well represented in the speeches. Young Church of God credentialed ministers aptly communicated their concerns about the future of the Church as it relates to reaching Generation Y (Millennials), Generation Z and Generation Alpha. These younger ministers are acutely aware of the exodus of the younger generations and are conscious of its undesirable impact on the Church.

The majority of the speeches addressed the topic of women in ministry and the use of the term bishop. There were a few speeches that focused on matters pertaining to the qualifications for ministry in the Church of God; nevertheless, both men of women speakers focused on the critical role of women in positions of leadership. Many of the participants of the Global Ministries Forum have roots in Mexico. They trace their beginnings in the Church of God to the ministry of Sister María Atkinson. “Hermana María Atkinson,” as she was known, went to Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, México from Arizona to evangelize. Her persistence in preaching the gospel in Sonora, México, birthed the Iglesia de Dios del Evangelio Completo (Full Gospel Church of God) in 1930. Since then the Church of God in Mexico has thrived and has intentionally celebrated and welcomed, along with Latin America, the anointing and call of God to Christian ministry of both men and women of all ages to serve as evangelists, pastors, teachers and missionaries.

Various members of the International Executive Committee affirmed the character, demeanor, respect, and well-mannered behavior of the speakers. One member in particular stated that this forum had been one of the best he had personally attended. The Latino overseers expressed their deep appreciation to Hill and the other members of the International Executive Committee for programming this Global Ministry Forum in conjunction with the XVIII National Hispanic Congress. Dr. Carlos S. Morán, director of Hispanic Ministries and his team, appreciate the privilege of having facilitated the forum in both English and Spanish.

(Source: Church of God Hispanic Ministries)

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