USA Latino Regions Celebrate National Hispanic Congress

Every two years, the eight USA Spanish-speaking regions of the Church of God celebrate a great meeting known as the National Hispanic Congress. For three memorable days, hundreds of leaders and members of the Iglesia de Dios in the USA come together for an exceptional time of praise, worship, reflection and fellowship. The event is primarily sponsored by the Spanish-speaking regions and other donors that contribute to the gathering.

The first National Hispanic Congress was celebrated in Cleveland, Tennessee in 1983. Since then, the event has evolved into a massive meeting that brings together Latinos of all generations from the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and other Latin American countries. The place of meeting rotates among the eight Latino regions, so that every region has an opportunity to serve as the hosts of the gathering.

The more than 3000 participants of this year’s National Hispanic Congress arrived in Dallas, Texas, last Thursday, August 1, 2019 at the Mesquite Convention Center for the opening service. Dr. Gabriel Salguero, a pastor of a church in Orlando, Florida ministered the Word of God. The special songs were led by Lucía Monroy.

All members of the International Executive Committee were present at the National Hispanic Congress. It was an honor to have Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer, and the other members of the International Executive Committee at our biennial congress said Dr. Carlos S. Morán, director of Church of God Hispanic Ministries. Dr. Hill and the International Executive Committee led a bilingual Global Ministries Forum, Friday, August, 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The Friday evening service included the ministry in song of Karina Moreno. Dr. Raymond Culpepper, first assistant general overseer delivered a powerful sermon on the Great Commission. The response of the congregation was impressive as many came forward for prayer and commitment to engaging in finishing the Great Commission.

The South Central Region Youth and Discipleship department sponsored a musical concert, after Friday’s evening service, with the Brazilian group, Novidade de Vida. Hundreds of young people stayed to experience a great time of praise and worship said Johnny Ortiz, South Central Regional, director of youth and discipleship.

The National Hispanic Congress concluded Saturday, August 3 with the ministry of the Word of God by Dr. J. David Stephens, second assistant general overseer, and Dr. Fidencio Burgueño, state overseer. Prior to Dr. Stephens’ preaching, the Hispanic Ministries Advisory Council presented Dr. J. David and Mrs. Joyce Stephens an award of appreciation for his support of Church of God Hispanic Ministries as liaison and director of Mission North America. Dr. Juan A. García, president of the Hispanic Ministries Advisory Council, commented in a meeting that “Dr. and Mrs. Stephens have been supportive of the Spanish-speaking ministries of the Church of God in the USA and have stayed in touch with the concerns of this ministry as it deals with various social, economic and political issues.” García added, “we affirm Dr. and Sister Stephens strategic, visionary leadership and we value their friendship.”

The closing message was delivered by Dr. Fidencio Burgueño. He largely directed his message to the Jeremiah Generation. Prior to his preaching, Manuel De La Garza and Novidade de Vida ministered in song.

As the XVIII National Hispanic Congress, closed, Saturday, August 3, an announcement pertaining to the XIX National Hispanic Congress was made. The next congress will be hosted by the North Central Region. Overseers Dr. Luis and Mareleney Rodríguez are looking forward to welcoming the 2021 National Hispanic Congress in Chicago, Illinois.

(Source: Church of God Hispanic Ministries)

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