Group Completes Missions Journey to Romania

The Bible has exhorted us to go into all the world, take care of the orphans, and share the Gospel with the poor. Twenty-one Americans did exactly that on a recent missions trip to Romania. Coming from Chicago, Illinois, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Cleveland, Tennessee, we all converged in Bucharest to embark on a journey with an assignment from God to serve the orphans and the needy. Our focus was the Bread of Life ministries.

By Tony Lane

Our experiences included some painting and facility maintenance at the Bread of Life home for children in Brosteni, which is settled in the northeastern region of Romania. Traveling there, we saw beautiful mountains, amazing sights of horse drawn wagons, and sheep with Romanian shepherds. Once we arrived, we fell in love with the children who have been abandoned, neglected, and abused. Their loving arms were wrapped around us and they soon had us wrapped around their fingers. It was so easy to express love to children living there.

We worked on additional painting and preparing the boys’ bedrooms for the installation of closet units we were able to purchase for them. Some of the men joined the boys from the home to chop wood and prepare for the cold winter weather. It was very hot and it’s difficult to imagine the need for heat, but winter is coming and they will be happy to have the provision of warmth provided through the burning wood in the furnace. We took a Nine Square in the Air game and played it together with the children, leaving it behind for them to enjoy. We ate, played, sang, and prayed with the children.

We also observed the need in the front yard of the home. It’s impossible to keep grass growing and they need a place to put the playground equipment as well as a place to gather. Our goal is to make the front yard a concrete playing area that will withstand the traffic of at least 100 people. The plan is to place concrete pavers throughout the front and provide a place for play. The cost is $30,000. The funds are not available to purchase this, but with God’s help, all things are possible. Already, $5,000 has been received towards this project. God is faithful to provide for his children!

Staying in the same building as the children at Bread of Life afforded us the opportunity to spend more time with them. We grew close to them and when it was time to depart, tears filled our eyes as we said goodbye. Several team members now want to become monthly sponsors of the children. What an opportunity – to be able to share in the needs of the children and become part of their family! Child sponsorship information can be secured by emailing [email protected] The Church of God World Missions project number for Bread of Life sponsorship is 102-4021-060. Donations can be given online at Just click on the “giving” tab and in the comment section specify if you want your gift to go for child sponsorship or for the needed concrete pavers. Every penny you give will go to the Bread of Life ministry and gifts given through World Missions will receive missions credit for their local church.

Another treat for the team was the opportunity assist in the feeding program for the poor children in some of the villages. On our way back to Bucharest, we stopped in the poorest county of Romania. We took part in serving food to the children, followed by a children’s program prepared by our team, then a treat of ice cream for all the children. Hopefully our time with them brought some joy in a rather bleak area.

A visit to Castle Bran reminded us all of just how old Europe is in comparison to America. History is important if we’re going to know how to minister to the people living there.

I have confidence that God has placed the Panican family where they need to be in leading Bread of Life Ministries. Alin Panican is dedicated and committed to the hard work necessary to provide for the children. Serving children in need is not an easy task but He is leading with integrity and fortitude as He relies on God as His source.

It was also our joy to see Church of God missionary, Raeghan Bryant, who just arrived in Romania three months ago. Witnessing her serve, we could see that she is where she is supposed to be. God has definitely placed his call on her for Romania for such a time as this!

On our final day, we visited and ministered in Romanian churches, followed by a little bit of touristic activities, including a visit to the National Palace and walking the streets of Old Town Bucharest. Everything was capped off by watching the dancing fountains in downtown Bucharest.

Just as those fountains danced to the music as it played, I believe the children of Bread of Life are happy and rejoicing because God’s people are showing His love to them. Their lives are forever being changed.

Another missions trip to Romania is being planned for 2020. For more information, please contact Tony Lane at 423.478.7017 or write him at [email protected]

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