Lee University Hosting 2019 Teen Talent This Week

On July 29-Aug. 2, Lee University will host the 2019 Church of God Teen Talent, an international competition which aims to help young people ages 13-19 discover their talents, develop that talent, and dedicate it to better serve the Lord. Over 5,000 individuals will compete in 43 categories over the course of five days, featuring competition in music, art, drama, multimedia, creative writing, and Bible.

“Hosting Teen Talent is a meaningful way for us to serve the Church of God and its youth,” said Dr. Mike Hayes, Lee’s vice president for student development. “We are excited to have these gifted students, their families, and their leaders on campus with us and to provide them with an opportunity to experience life at Lee. It’s a privilege to partner with the International Youth and Discipleship Department to give the students a platform to express their gifts to the glory of God.”

Hayes oversees the university’s role in Teen Talent along with more than 200 staff members and students. The university will award over $100,000 of scholarships to winners and house approximately 1,300 guests from around the world for this event.

Lee-coordinated activities for Teen Talent include a block party, a worship rally, the LeeU Showcase, and Battle of the States, a competition in which participants divide into teams based on state, region, or country, and compete against one another.

“This season’s response has been overwhelming with a record number of international entries that include Antigua/Nevis, Argentina, The Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands, Guatemala, Jamaica, South Africa, and Taiwan,” said Dr. David Blair, international youth and discipleship director for the Church of God. “International competition is the place where preparation, practice, and passion combine with God-given talent to produce a canvas of praise to our Creator.”

The Teen Talent Awards Festival will take place on Friday, Aug. 2 at 8 p.m. on the lawn of Lee’s Science and Math Complex and will welcome more than 4,000 guests, including participants and their families.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of Dr. Paul Conn and the Lee University team and their commitment to making this year a huge success,” said Blair.

All competitions are open to the public. Throughout the week, Lee will also livestream Teen Talent on multiple web-based channels. To view the streaming sessions, visit https://livestream.com/leeu.

For more information about Teen Talent or to view a schedule of events, visit https://cogteentalent.com/ or call (423) 614-8400.

(Source: Lee University. By Merritt Jenkins)

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