Award-Winning TV Program Returns

When actor Kirk Cameron and best-selling author Ray Comfort teamed up just over fifteen years ago to produce Way of the Master, they had no idea that they would end up with fifty-two episodes that would inspire millions in every country of the world. And after an eight-year hiatus, the popular television program is making a comeback with new hosts and an exciting new format.

Comfort said, “Kirk will be a recurring special guest in Season Five. In the years since our last season God has opened amazing doors for him and he’s been traveling conducting marriage conferences, producing movies, and has a few other exciting projects in the works. With his committed schedule, and our new weekly format year-round, he will definitely be a part, but not every week.”

The two “new” hosts aren’t actually new to the program. Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne and Mark Spence have appeared many times in all four previous seasons. Both are gifted and in-demand speakers, who will sit alongside Comfort. “We have done a lot of work together and have a great synergy that has proven to be very popular with viewers,” added Comfort.

One unique aspect of the new Way of the Master program will be the quality of their on-the-street witnessing clips. Comfort said that these have been very popular on the ministry’s YouTube channel, which has over 80 million views. “We have incorporated the best of these fascinating clips into the television program, along with many other interesting subjects, including Ken Ham’s amazing Ark Encounter, the tragedy of suicide, atheism, missions, abortion, and homosexuality.”

Season Five debuts on dozens of broadcast and streaming outlets starting this Sunday. Networks will begin airing the first episode between July 28 and August 3. For channels and times, visit

(SOURCE: Living Waters via Christian Newswire)

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