Operation Compassion Sends Relief Aid to Israel

Operation Compassion recently sent a 40-foot overseas shipping container to Israel.

Ministry to Israel, under the direction of Michael Utterback, notified Operation Compassion of a need among refugees.

“Since Israel became an independent nation in 1948, Jewish people from around the world have decided to return to their homeland,” Utterback stated. “Called ALIYAH, these immigrants face many hardships and endure great sacrifice as they try to settle into a new life in Israel. In particular, there are immigrants from South Africa and Russia that are in desperate need.”

The people of Israel face many difficult problems on a day to day basis. Throughout the Middle East region political and military unrest is the normal way of life. As with any relief aid Operation Compassion delivers, the only qualification is that there is a need.

Operation Compassion sent a variety of items including shoes, socks, mattresses, clothing and much more to assist them. The container was sent to the Jerusalem Support Center operated by Ministry to Israel and will be distributed as needed.

“Support of Operation Compassion enables us to continue resourcing relief programs across the United States and around the world,” said Operation Compassion Director Dave Lorency. “No matter the need, natural or man-made, Operation Compassion stands ready to bring relief. You can make a difference! Become a partner of Compassion!”

Donations can be made in the following ways: online at www.operationcompassion.org; by phone, 423.728.3932, or by mail, Operation Compassion, 114 Stuart Road, NE, P.O. Box 370, Cleveland, TN 37312.

Operation Compassion is an independent benevolent ministry with roots in the Church of God, while Ministry to Israel is part of the Church of God Division of Care.

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