Former 700 Club Host Kinchlow Dies at 82

Ben Kinchlow—evangelist and former host of The 700 Club—died Thursday at the age of 82.

CBN posted a tribute to Kinchlow, saying he worked for the Christian media company for 20 years and loved interacting with his fellow hosts.

Kinchlow’s Facebook page posted CBN’s tribute and added this note:

The passing of a titan. Thank you for your prayers and letters. As Harvey “Big Ben” laid in the hospital early this morning some of his family read the letters you graciously sent to him via the previous Facebook request. On behalf of the family, thank you. More information coming soon if you would like to help.

Just a day before Kinchlow’s death, a prayer alert went out to his Facebook followers, asking for emergency prayer.

In addition to TV hosting, Kinchlow was also a businessman, author and founder of Americans for Israel.

According to CBN, Ben served 13 years in the United States Air Force. Kinchlow, the son of a Methodist minister, came to Christianity in the 1970s after a period as a Black Nationalist influenced by Malcolm X and the Black Muslims. After receiving Christ, he later directed a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at “Christian Farms” in Killeen, Texas. In 1971, Ben was ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and founded “His Place,” a ministry for teens. He was invited to speak on The 700 Club and share his testimony as well as share the mighty things God was doing through the center. Ben was asked back to host the show a second time while Pat was in Israel. He later came to CBN where he served as The 700 Club’s director of counseling in 1975. He then became the co-host of The 700 Club and went on to produce and host several CBN specials such as “Straight Talk,” a daily 30-minute high-energy television show, and co-hosted “Taking It To The Streets,” a live daily one-hour radio talk show.

Please pray for Kinchlow’s family during this difficult time.

(Source: Charisma Media)

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